The Villas | A Bilinga Beach Abodes Collaboration

The Villas | A Bilinga Beach Abodes Collaboration

A dreamy getaway fit for the family; welcome to The Villas by Bilinga Beach Abodes.


The power duo behind Bilinga Beach Abodes, also known as Sarah and Aaron Waters, bring us their second renovation project, a converted 1960s build located in the beautiful seaside suburb of Bilinga, Queensland.

Two incredibly spacious villas split into an upstairs and downstairs layout, offering the perfect blend of luxury and comfort where guests can stay, conveniently just a stone's throw away from stunning Brisbane beaches.

Follow us as we take you on a journey through The Villas, where the palm trees sway in an endless summer, featuring Meir Tiger Bronze tapware and accessories.


Featured | Upstairs Villa Main Bedroom & Ensuite





Creating a place where guests can make their own family memories.


Sarah, Aaron and their young family love to travel and experience getaway destinations with quality at the forefront, so naturally, when they took on their latest renovation project, it was crucial their dream would be brought to life, creating a place where their guests could also luxuriously experience what they love most from their travels, and make their own family memories. Fast forward to 2023, The Villas open their doors, and a vision becomes a reality.

The original building of The Villas was split into two units, upstairs and downstairs. The plan for Sarah and Aaron was to keep as much of the original structure as possible but flip the rooms around to harness the saturation of natural light throughout the property's entirety.

The result was bright and lofty spaces with a contemporary touch, encompassing two fully equipped kitchens, four expansive bathrooms, with a generous six bedrooms, three per villa, each colourfully styled paying homage to the sunny gold coast, ocean breezes included - the ultimate getaway for families to stay and play, relax and unwind.



Bold, beautiful and bright, the upstairs villa is sunny no matter the weather. High ceilings produce stunning, airy interiors from every angle, whilst timber flooring adds warmth among soft furnishings to lounge among.

The open floor plan of each villa is spacious to accommodate family and friends, featuring a bifold window that opens out for outdoor dining, perfect for entertaining whilst on holidays.

 Featured | Upstairs Villa Kitchen




Sage green takes centre stage within the heart of the home of the upstairs villa. For a cohesive look, Sarah and Aaron opted for integrated appliances, cleverly hidden away, allowing for uninterrupted colour, making a statement with a nostalgic nod to the 1950s, transformed through a modern twist.



For a touch of golden glamour, a Meir Tiger Bronze Round Kitchen Mixer with a matching sink strainer and waste plug perfectly complements the retro vibes whilst adding modern and sophisticated functionality.


Featured | Upstairs Villa Kitchen 




For Sarah and Aaron, who love a pop of colour, choosing to go with patterned tiles in both villas was no surprise. They selected bold, bright summer hues across all bathrooms, perfectly capturing the essence of summer like a pocketful of sunshine.

In addition, they opted to change the pitch of the roof from the original to achieve more natural light, exposing the rafters whilst allowing the patterned tiles to shine, highlighted by the abundance of light.


Featured | Upstairs Villa Ensuite


Patterned tiles incorporated in the main ensuite make an appearance in the serpentine staircase, continuing a cohesive style throughout whilst giving guests a sneak peek of what they can expect in the upstairs villa.  


Featured | Upstairs Villa Ensuite




Pink Venetian render debuts solidly within the powder room, forming a sublime backdrop for gold accents to shine. A matching colour pedestal basin coupled with Meir Tiger Bronze tapware creates a perfect pairing of pink and gold, producing a soft yet sophisticated result.


Featured | Upstairs Villa Powder Room & Guest Bathroom



For the guest bathroom, Sarah and Aaron opted for an inclusion of rattan pieces to achieve a boho coastal vibe, utilising neutral tones and textures whilst injecting warmth with a connection to nature.





Peachy keen with a sunny disposition, the downstairs villa offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, highlighting the colour peach to differentiate it from the fresh sage green cabinetry utilised in the upstairs villa.

Both kitchens come fully equipped with all the necessary appliances, providing families with all the required amenities to prepare their own meals and snacks. The stylish dining areas offer the perfect setting for a sit-down dinner.


Featured | Sarah Waters in the Downstairs Villa Kitchen & Dining Room




Tying in with the upstairs villa ensuite, Rattan was also selected in a custom vanity, offset by bold patterned tiles, adding a focal point with a dynamic layer, incorporating natural and earthy tones to achieve a grounded look, elevated by Meir Tiger Bronze Round Shower Rose, Round Curved Spout and Round Cross Handles.




Boasting six bedrooms, three bedrooms per villa, The Villas offer spacious accommodation designed to cater to families comfortably for a restful stay. 

Each with its own ensuite and guest bathroom, maximising its internal space to the fullest.

With each bedroom and bathroom, Sarah and Aaron thoughtfully added their personal touch, with attention to detail in every corner. 

When it came time to decide which fixtures and finishes to incorporate into each of The Villas, Sarah and Aaron wanted products that ticked all the boxes across both innovation and functionality, selecting from the Meir Tiger Bronze range. 

All Meir products have a lifetime warranty giving Sarah and Aaron peace of mind; lasting the test of time.


Featured | Downstairs Villa Bathroom

Whether you're looking for a family vacation, or a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, The Villas by Bilinga Beach Abodes offer the perfect escape.

With stunning views, a convenient location and luxurious amenities, these villas are the perfect choice for your next getaway. 

Book your stay today to experience the beauty and comfort The Villas has to offer.



The Meir Tiger Bronze range of tapware and accessories featured in The Villas residence is designed to enhance and elevate your home while withstanding the test of time.

To explore all Meir Colour Collections in detail, our Designer Catalogue is available to view online or by visiting your closest Meir stockist or preferred online retailer.



The Villas by Bilinga Beach Abodes

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