Maja Canggu | A Marie Fe & Jake Snow Collaboration

Maja Canggu | A Marie Fe & Jake Snow Collaboration

Where paradise awaits and Balinese sunsets are embraced, welcome to MAJA Canggu.

Located in the heart of Canggu right on Batu Bolong in Bali, the boutique hotel MAJA Canggu is a compilation of all of Marie and Jake’s favourite things from around the world. A mix of Europe, a bit of Bali, white and neutral colours, deep blues, and open spaces. 

Follow us as we take you on a journey through this picturesque poolside hotel, MAJA Canggu, featuring Meir Tiger Bronze tapware and accessories.



Home to Marie Fe and Jake Snow, travel, lifestyle and fashion influencers. Originating from sketches in a notebook, MAJA Canggu is their idea of paradise. Marie and Jake have perfected the art of travelling, seeing the world and creating a lifestyle that is built around taking in your surroundings and enjoying small moments that matter most to your happiness. 

To establish more of a home base and inspire others to pursue their dream renovations, Marie & Jake wanted to create something that people would never forget. A place that makes you feel inspired and free to dream. Somewhere to relax by the pool, read a book, watch the sunset from your own private terrace, catch a movie in the home cinema and have an everlasting experience.



For many, a renovation is only a dream, the process and funds often becoming a stumbling block to creating something you’ve always wanted. For Marie and Jake, living by the motto of “Fairytales are real… when you believe, anything is possible" they were able to take the steps to bring their vision to life. Travellers and lovers of beautiful destinations and experiences, Marie and Jake, have crafted MAJA Canggu into what is perfectly described as 'dreamy'.

MAJA Canggu offers five exclusive stylish suites complete with private bathrooms, plunge pools, reading lounges, sunset terraces, a communal cinema and dining room with a butler on call at all times.

Within walking distance to the beach and dozens of wonderful cafes, bars and restaurants. MAJA Canggu provides the perfect sanctuary to escape the crowds while staying a stone’s throw from all the action in the thriving Canggu area.



An oasis crafted for rest, relaxation and full body restoration. 

The ensuite draws inspiration from the coastline along the MAJA Canggu boutique hotel. A minimalist space that incorporates arches from the outdoor poolside design to create a focal point that features a majestic stone bath that gives a resort spa-like feel, which lures you into the space. 

Natural light is abundant in the master ensuite, with a skylight lined by reclaimed timber providing the ultimate indoor-outdoor feel. Concave flooring and ceiling showers maximise the open space and create a breathtaking open plan shower in the heart of the room, paired with a round hand shower to create an inviting space you want to soak your hair in or rinse off the day at the sea.

The look is rounded off with a handcrafted concrete bathtub that pairs perfectly with Meir Tiger Bronze spouts and cross handle taps for a functional space tailored to the Bali paradise it is set in.  


Featured | Master Ensuite at Maja Canggu




MAJA Canggu offers four exclusive private suite bathrooms designed to cater for relaxation and unwinding. 

Function, tranquillity and somewhere to dream were key elements driving design and material in the private suites. 

A taste of Bali with a mix of whites and neutral colours inspires this minimalist space. The inclusion of earthy materials introduces hints of the outdoor coastline. When paired with Meir Tiger Bronze Tapware, the bathroom is finished perfectly with a touch of luxury and glamour to make this natural light-filled space the perfect spot to unwind and let the dreams flow after a day out. 


Featured | Palmview Suites at Maja Canggu




Rise and shine, step right into the lagoon pool for an early morning dip or step out the side door into a private plunge pool. Whichever you prefer, the Poolside Suite is spacious for couples, including a double bathroom, with un-compromised quality finishes.


Featured | Poolside Suites at Maja Canggu

Meir Tiger Bronze Round Ceiling Shower Arm 300mm (SKU: MA07-300-PVDBB + Meir Tiger Bronze Round Shower Rose 200mm (SKU: MH04-PVDBB) + Meir Tiger Bronze Round Diverter Mixer (SKU: MW07TS-PVDBB) + Meir Tiger Bronze Round Shower on Bracket (SKU: MZ06-R-PVDBB)



When it came time to decide which fixtures and finishes to incorporate into each ensuite, Marie and Jake wanted products that ticked the boxes across both innovation and functionality, choosing from the Meir Tiger Bronze range. All products come with a lifetime warranty giving Marie and Jake peace of mind, lasting the test of time.


Fresh, breezy, and oh-so inviting. The poolside showers make perfect use of stone and light textiles with the captivating addition of metallics to create a space that gives you the feeling of sunshine on your skin, water flowing in the background and the essence of holiday in your spirit.

The natural and earthy space makes the most of natural sun rays to create a shower space, elevated by Meir Tiger Bronze Round Shower Rose and Meir Tiger Bronze Round Wall Mixers.


Featured | Poolside showers at Maja Canggu





The Meir Tiger Bronze range of tapware and accessories featured in the MAJA Canggu residence is specifically designed to elegantly enhance and elevate your home while withstanding the test of time.

To explore all Meir colour ranges in detail, our Designer Catalogue is available to view online or by visiting your closest Meir stockist or preferred online retailer.



Hotel | Maja Cangguu by Marie and Jake Snow