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Quality Tapware for Life

A proudly Australian company, Meir stands as a global leader in tapware, reaching over 40 countries and partnering with more than 2000 retailers worldwide.

With decades dedicated to designing and manufacturing, we meticulously source the highest quality materials from around the world. That’s why the Meir range is renowned for exceptional durability, as attested by our customers.

 This is why we can proudly offer a lifetime guarantee on all our tapware. That’s all parts, finishes, and components guaranteed. So, when you buy Meir tapware, you know it will stay just as beautiful and be as functional for life.

​It's tapware so good, Darren Palmer put his name on it. Why not order one of our sample boxes to see the true quality for yourself.


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Tiger Bronze

The ultimate, bespoke touch. Meir Tiger Bronze Gold tapware and fittings redefine luxury, offering a subtle and uniquely refined gold-tone adorned with intricate black veins. This exceptional finish sets a standard unmatched by any other in the market, ensuring your space exudes unparalleled sophistication and grandeur.


Our Champagne transcends the ordinary to craft a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry space that redefines penthouse luxury with a rose-gold undertone. Meir's Champagne tapware and fittings artfully blend chrome with rose gold, presenting a premium finish that elegantly elevates the ambience of your home.

Polished Chrome

Meir's iconic Polished Chrome tapware collection emerges as a timeless statement that will resonate with contemporary aesthetics for years to come. Precision-engineered and exuding the essence of bespoke design, our Polished Chrome taps and fittings are a harmonious marriage of practicality and enduring elegance.

Brushed Nickel

Our Meir Brushed astonishingly adapts to its surroundings, presenting differently in warm or cool light settings.  Engineered with a PVD coating, it offers an exceptional level of wear resistance, ensuring commercial-grade quality.

Lustre Bronze

A collaboration between Meir and Darren Palmer, the Meir x Darren Palmer Lustre Bronze Collection is positioned to be a focal point in high-end designer properties. This exclusive collaboration stands out as a symbol of refined taste, celebrating the artistry of design in a league of its own.

Matte Black

Subtle yet elegant, our signature Matte Black finish pushes the boundaries of luxury tapware. Exuding sleek structure and elegance, the finish subtly accentuates natural textures such as marble and timber.


Our Shadow is a distinctive fusion of gunmetal charcoal grey and rustic blue, creating a sophisticated look that stands apart. With a bespoke finish living meticulously crafted with a depth that complements stone, timber, natural elements, and concrete,

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of choice and explore our exceptional finishes. All our Meir finishes are meticulously curated to transform spaces with sophistication and style to help you make a space that truly reflects your individuality.

Join us for a dose of interior inspiration from this beautiful renovation. Featuring our Meir's Champagne Tapware Colour Collection.

A beautifully crafted design, this house seamlessly merges period character with modern luxury. Another great collaboration with the BuildHer Collective.


Even the kitchen sink

At Meir, we have thought of every detail to make your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry shine, including the kitchen sink.


Our exclusive and award-winning range of Lavello by Meir sinks combines elegance and innovation. Unparalleled in quality, they are designed to transform any kitchen into a luxurious space.