Mixers, Taps or Diverters - Which one is right for your Bathroom

Mixers, Taps or Diverters - Which one is right for your Bathroom

When it comes to outfitting your bathroom, the choice of fixtures can significantly influence both the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

Meir offers a range of bathroom fittings to choose from, including Mixers, Taps, and Diverters, but which one is right for your bathroom? We take a deep dive into the different options available to help you decide which one suits your needs.



As the name suggests, Meir Mixers expertly blend hot and cold water to produce a single, unified flow of water at your desired temperature. This process is achieved through high-quality cartridges, allowing precise control over water temperature and flow rate.

Ideal for those who prefer consistent and accurate settings, Meir mixers are formed with style in mind, offering a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, making them a popular choice for modern bathrooms. They are available in various designs, from round, square, and curved, with different lever options from Paddle, Pin or Pinless, allowing you to choose one that matches your bathroom's style.



Rather than opting for a diverter that allows instant switching between separate dual water outlets, adding two mixers, as seen above, creates a stylish effect, adding character and interest.

In addition, all Meir products are available across a selection of six stunning finishes, including Matte Black, Tiger Bronze, Champagne, Shadow, Brushed Nickel, and Polished Chrome, allowing you to match your fixtures to your bathroom's decor seamlessly.



Diverters are a versatile addition to your bathroom. They allow you to divert water flow between multiple outlets singly, such as a showerhead and a handheld shower or a bath spout and a showerhead.

With Meir diverters, you can easily switch between these outlets to tailor your showering experience. Inbuilt ceramic cartridges allow for reliable operation and come in various sophisticated designs to suit your bathroom's style.



Beautifully designed and practical, formed for effortless flow and temperature control via a single, easy-to-use handle, the diverter knob allows instant switching between separate dual water outlets for a functional and varied showering experience.


W A L L  T O P  A S S E M B L I E S

An alternative to mixers and diverters, wall top assemblies offer a classic and timeless choice.

Taps or Wall-top Assemblies, as they are also known, provide separate controls for hot and cold water inlets, unlike mixers. They are described as 'wall top assemblies' because the plumbing fittings sit on top (or in front) of the wall, tiles, or splashback.

Featuring two tap handles, each attached to a long spindle, wall-top assemblies control the water temperature through their own spout, designed to turn water on and off by simply turning the handles simultaneously or one at a time.



A classic and timeless option, wall taps are ideal for a traditional bathroom and incredibly versatile, also suited for your laundry and kitchen.

Featuring a solid brass construction ensures longer-lasting taps with a jumper valve connection that helps maintain water quality.

Meir offers a wide range of matching sets in various silhouettes and handle options to help you achieve a cohesive yet time-honoured style.



 W H I C H   S H O U L D   Y O U   C H O O S E ?

The choice between Meir Mixers, Taps, or Diverters ultimately depends on your preferences and bathroom design.

Each with its unique advantages; begin by assessing your needs, style preferences, and desired functionality, and be on your way to selecting the right choice for your bathroom.

Regardless of your preference, Meir offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all products, ensuring that you enjoy peace of mind and long-lasting quality, enjoyable for life.

Visit your closest Meir Stockist to explore the complete designer collection today.