Meir Bathroom Trends for 2022

Meir Bathroom Trends for 2022

2022 has been an exciting year for bathroom renovations and makeovers.

We take a look at standout design trends from Meir customers and leading industry professionals to inspire your next bathroom project and transform your home.



Rounded fluid forms are proving to be popular among splash zones, with curved silhouettes as the preferred choice in tapware design.

Round tapware magically captures a room's lighting to create depth and dimension, creating visual interest intriguing at every angle.

By opting for curved contours rather than square shapes, timeless style can be achieved, producing a sense of elegance and luxury.


Meir Tiger Bronze Round Shower Rose 200mm (SKU: MH04-BB) + Meir Tiger Bronze Round Wall Shower Curved Arm 400mm (SKU: MA09-400-BB) + Meir Tiger Bronze Round Curved Spout (SKU: MS05-BB) + Meir Tiger Bronze Quarter Turn Wall Assemblies + Meir Tiger Bronze Round Double Towel Rail (SKU: MR01-R90-BB) + Meir Tiger Bronze Round Guest Towel Rail (SKU: MR05-R-BB)





Incorporating a splash of colour with trendy tapware finishes creates a bold statement whilst allowing personal style to shine.

With such captivating finishes available to choose from in the Meir range, tapware acts as a beautiful hero piece, complementing other materials whilst elevating its surroundings.

Meir's special colour finishes are available in five distinct colours to suit any style: Matte Black, Tiger Bronze, Champagne, PVD Brushed Nickel and Polished Chrome; formed for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and powder room.


Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Curved Spout (SKU: MS05-PVDBN) + Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Cross Handle Jumper Valve Wall Top Assemblies (SKU: MW08JL-PVDBN)Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Bottle Trap (SKU: MP05-R-PVDBN)



We are seeing more customers striving for ambitious designs in the bathroom with natural materials being prominently featured. The likes of marble, Terrazzo and timber create a statement finish when paired with luxurious fixtures and finishes to complete a bespoke look.
Pair coloured tapware with the same coloured basin (coming soon from Meir) for a cohesive look, or opt to mix up finishes and add two colours for a contrasting look that breaks away from monotone.


Meir Matte Black Round Tapware Colour Sample Disc



We are witnessing customers gravitating toward particular design styles like Hamptons Coastal, Farmhouse Rustic or Modern Minimalist.

The beauty of choosing colour finishes allows customers to create their dream aesthetic and bring those styles to life, how they envisage, to suit their home their way.


Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Curved Spout (SKU: MS05-PVDBN) + Meir PVD Brushed NIckel Round Wall Mixer (SKU: MW03-PVDBN)


To take a look at some additional bathroom trends sweeping 2022, industry professional Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict, gives an in-depth round-up of some of her favourites, gathered from leading experts.