How To Choose The Right Pop-up Waste For Your Basin

How To Choose The Right Pop-up Waste For Your Basin

The pop-up waste is a popular choice, a quintessential fitting designed to instantly elevate your bathroom and create a cohesive feel within your bathroom and or powder room.

But how do you choose the right pop-up waste for your basin (or bath)? What is the difference between a pop-up waste with or without an overflow?


Meir pop-up wastes are available in two sizes; 32mm or 40mm.

Designed for simple functionality, simply push down the sink waste, and a seal is created, allowing you to fill up your basin. When you are finished, press in again, and the water is released down into your water pipes or matching Meir Bottle Trap, then your pipes.

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When choosing a pop-up waste, it is important to know which size you will require, specifically for your bathroom.

The most common size among consumers is 32mm in diameter, but before purchasing, we recommend you check with your qualified plumber, who can advise you precisely what size the waste outlet needs to be.

Your plumber can easily access the technical drawings, available online under your chosen pop-up waste, and download the Data Sheet containing all the product dimensions and measurements.


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Basins can be bought with or without an overflow.

What is an overflow?

An overflow is a small hole in a basin (or bath) located near the top lip of the product. The purpose of the overflow hole is to allow water to drain away in the event the basin is overfilled. Hence the name – overflow.


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The most common basin design however, is without, but if you choose a basin with an overflow hole (like the image above), then you must also install a Pop-up Waste with an Overflow/Slotted.

An overflow/slotted pop-up waste can be distinguished by a rectangular hole below the lip of the pop-up button. This slotted hole creates a seamless connection for water to flow through to the basin waste.

Below is a close-up look comparing the difference between a Meir Pop-Up Waste Without Overflow (Unslotted) and a Basin Pop-Up Waste With Overflow (Slotted)






Basins with an overflow are usually used in apartment living and are particularly helpful in family bathrooms, where children might accidentally flood the bathroom. Selecting an overflow basin and a slotted pop-up waste will provide peace of mind and prevent unexpected water damage.


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Choosing the right pop-up will add the perfect finishing touch.

A cohesive and luxurious bathroom can easily be created by simply matching your tapware, hardware and accessories with the same finish.

Meir makes it straightforward, with pop-up wastes available across all the premium colour collections in six distinct colours to suit your personal style and bring the wow factor.

Choosing the right pop-up waste will add the perfect finishing touch without compromising on style or durability.


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