Dulux 2023 Colour Trend Forecast and Tapware Pairings

Dulux 2023 Colour Trend Forecast and Tapware Pairings

The Dulux colour specialists have done it again, releasing their annual selection of on-trend colours to embrace the year ahead. 

Incorporated among designers, architects, interior designers and the wider creative industry, the Dulux colour trend forecast sets the tone and inspires professionals to create and conceptualise.

As we bid farewell to 2022, we welcome the new year with three exciting colour stories bound to delight, excite and inspire.

Let’s dive in and explore each of the colour trends for 2023 to discover the kitchen, bathroom and laundry fittings that perfectly complement each and find the ideal combination to suit your style. 

Balance | Connect | Revive

Comprising of three emotive palettes, this year's forecast has been chosen specifically by our need to reconnect with nature, our desire for balance and calm, as well as reviving our spirits with joy and play.

Our homes have become our sanctuary, a place to call our own, but over time with recent changes, we find that our home is now the hub of work, rest and play. 

As we look to refresh, differentiating the lines between work and home or work from home, and what that looks like, what better time to uncover a new way of living by introducing colour into our world.

BALANCE ~  Pair with Meir Shadow for refined beauty and sophisticated depths.


Encourage moments of stillness and restoration.


With unprecedented times that collectively were experienced universally, the craving to restore balance post-pandemic is upon us more than ever in our lives and our homes. 

Calm, tranquillity and serenity are on each of our agendas, so it only is fitting we begin with the ‘Balance’ palette, which evokes a sense of peace and instantly transforms a space into a sanctuary.



Incorporating oceanic hues like muted greens, deep and moody blues, and soft sea shell pinks will encourage moments of stillness and restoration.

When combined with Meir Shadow, these colours are elevated and further enhanced. Shadow by Meir integrates a striking blend of charcoal grey and rustic blue, adding intensity yet remaining versatile, complementing both warm and cool tones.

Newest to the Meir Colour Collections range, the bespoke finish has been crafted with depth that, when paired with the hues of ‘Balance’, truly rounds out the essence of what the ‘Balance’ palette represents.

Incorporate Meir Shadow into your bathroom for the ultimate home spa and zen feel.


CONNECT  ~  Pair with Meir Champagne to connect with nature.


Featuring the raw beauty of nature, the Dulux ‘Connect’ colour theme captures grounded neutrals and earthy tones for warmth and comfort, texture and tactility.

Whilst all three stories embody a sense of comfort and renewal, ‘Connect’ truly encapsulates the essence of nature and nurture. 



To complement this theme's cosy and soothing colours, the sumptuous Meir Champagne Rose Gold pairs perfectly, by adding a touch of soft luxe and glamour without overpowering.

With warm undertones, this finish creates an ornate and timeless aesthetic among nature-inspired hues, ranging from subtle neutrals to a more dramatic earth-based palette.


 Featured | Meir Champagne Round Piccola Pull-Out Kitchen Mixer Tap (SKU: MK17-CH) + Meir Champagne Round Soap Dispenser (SKU: MP09-CH)

Incorporate Meir Champagne into your laundry for the ultimate in functionality, suitable for utilitarian spaces like the laundry.


REVIVE  ~  Pair with Brushed Nickel for understated elegance.


The third and final metamorphic palette in the forecast embodies joy and creativity, with a fusion of shades to evoke nostalgia and revived styles of funk, soul and playful pops of accent colours.

By far the funnest of the bunch, the ‘Revive’ palette is sure to leave you ecstatic with pure delight. 


© 2023 Dulux
Artwork: Tilda by Melanie Macilwain, Fenton & Fenton


To counterbalance this vivid palette of energetic tones, the distinctive Meir Brushed Nickel range is ideal. Without overshadowing lively shades, this soft yet distinguished chameleon-like finish melds seamlessly among various colour options with a modern, fresh take.

Colour can be used in new and unexpected ways, speaking volumes within your home. Opt for Brushed Nickel which will adapt to its surroundings and bounce off these colours allowing them to shine. 

For a cohesive look within your kitchen or butler’s pantry, pair with Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Single Bowl Bar Sink (382 x 372) and Round Kitchen Mixer Tap.




Now that we have unpacked the Dulux Colour Forecast for 2023 and Meir tapware pairings, it’s time to begin your colour-matching journey.

To help get you started, and inspire your creativity, mix and match the Meir range of tapware and sink colour samples with your favourite forecast. Achieve the look you are after and be on your way to creating your 2023 home sanctuary today.

For an added source of inspiration, take a look through our gallery from leading industry professionals and Meir renovating customers.

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