Dulux 2021 Colour Trend Forecast and Tapware Pairings

Dulux 2021 Colour Trend Forecast and Tapware Pairings

For over two decades, Dulux colour specialists have provided their annual selection of on-trend colours to embrace the year ahead. Used by designers, architects, interior designers and the wider creative community, the colour trend forecast sets the tone and inspires industry professionals.

As we bid farewell to (a challenging) 2020, we welcome the new year with three exciting colour stories.


Nourish | Reset | Retreat


Let’s walk through each of the new colour stories for 2021 and explore the kitchen and bathroom fittings that will complement or contrast with each. With so many beautiful options there is sure to be a combination that perfectly complements your mood board.




The multi-functional nature of our homes has been amplified, increasingly blurred lines between the office, the gym and home (and more!), has created the need for many of us to consider refreshing rooms and key areas to introduce more variety and vitality into our living areas.

Being bold and creative with the right feature colour combined with updated premium bathroom and/or kitchen fittings can transform a space with minimum effort. With Summer just around the corner, it is time to be brave and embrace these colour trends complemented with premium Meir kitchen and bathroom tapware for an envious statement aesthetic.




Featuring warm neutrals and earthy tones, the Dulux ‘Nourish’ colour theme captures the deep appreciation for natural beauty, as soothing colours encourage moments of stillness.

Whilst all three stories embody a sense of comfort and renewal, ‘Nourish’ truly encapsulates the essence of nature and nurture.

To complement the soft and subtle accents of this theme, our sumptuous Champagne Rose Gold pairs perfectly and elevates with a touch of glamour.

With warm undertones, this finish creates an ornate and timeless aesthetic and has the flexibility to work with darker olive and sage green hues.

Featured below is our elegant Champagne Round Piccola Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap and Round Soap Dispenser.


© 2020 Dulux
Photographer: Armelle Habib
Stylist: Julia Green
Art by Karina Jambrak, Greenhouse Interiors




© 2020 Dulux
Photographer: Armelle Habib
Stylist: Julia Green
Art ‘Anthurium II’ by Kimmy Hogan, Greenhouse Interiors


With unprecedented times upon us, our connection with our home has evolved on a deeper level. As the majority of our time is being spent in, serene calming ambiences is what we crave.

Creating harmonious quintessential zones to work and unwind is easily attainable through the transformative effect of paint. 

The Dulux ‘Reset’ colour story embraces this balance. Comprising an eclectic mix of upbeat and vibrant colours with a retro feel, to lift and brighten any space.

The versatility of this theme brings playful pops of nostalgic colour to have fun with, yet still adaptable in a contemporary space.



To balance this vivid palette and energetic tones, our distinctive Brushed Nickel range is ideal. Without overshadowing lively shades, this soft yet distinguished finish melds seamlessly among a variety of colour options with a modern fresh take. Featured below is our popular PVD brushed nickel Stainless Steel Single Bowl Bar Sink (382 x 372) and Round Kitchen Mixer Tap.









The third and final metamorphic palette in the forecast embodies a fusion of shades to invoke comfort and solace with a sense of soft luxury.

Dulux ‘Retreat’ draws upon a collection of stormy blues, soft greys, and neutrals to redefine your home and create feelings of optimism and induce creativity.

By utilising earth-based hues and muted tones, there is scope for fittings and fixtures to make a bold statement and transpire as a standout hero piece.



Embracing the natural charm of bronze and copper brushed gold tones, our Tiger Bronze tapware and Brushed Gold Sink contrasts exquisitely with these tranquil hues, to create a refined and enriching aesthetic. Unlike any finish, Tiger Bronze is the perfect accompaniment to sophisticatedly enhance any space.


Now that you have explored each of the three colour stories and tapware pairings, it’s time to begin your design project.

To help get you started, and inspire your creativity, mix and match our range of colour samples with your favourite feature colour. Achieve the luxurious look you are after and start creating your 2021 home sanctuary today.

Happy designing!

 - Meir